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CNC Control Setup for Milling and Turning

Mastering CNC Control Systems

CNC Control Setup for Milling and Turning
Mastering CNC Control Systems

Peter Smid


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CNC Control Setup for Milling and Turning covers CNC control setup in practical detail. It lives up to its subtitle, Mastering CNC Control Systems. This unique reference from the author of the best-selling CNC Programming Handbook features nearly all of the activities a typical CNC operator performs on a daily basis. Starting with overall descriptions and in-depth explanations of various features, it goes much further and is sure to be a valuable resource for anyone involved in CNC.



  • Describes working with all types of offsets for milling and turning applications, interpretation of part programs, applying trial cuts, making program changes, and much more.
  • Places emphasis on troubleshooting many common problems that occur in CNC operations.
  • Presents suggested methods of correction, along with methods of prevention.

Peter Smid is a professional consultant, educator and speaker, with many years of practical, hands-on experience, in the industrial and educational fields. During his career, he has gathered an extensive experience with CNC and CAD/CAM applications on all levels. He consults to manufacturing industry and educational institutions on practical use of Computerized Numerical Control technology, part programming, Autocad®, Mastercam® and other CAD/CAM software, as well as advanced machining, tooling, setup, and many other related fields. His comprehensive industrial background in CNC programming, machining and company-oriented training has assisted several hundred companies to benefit from his wide-ranging knowledge.

Mr. Smid’s long time association with advanced manufacturing companies and CNC machinery vendors, as well as his affiliation with a number of Community and Technical College industrial technology programs and machine shop skills training, have enabled him to broaden his professional and consulting skills in the areas of CNC and CAD/CAM training, computer applications and needs analysis, software evaluation, system benchmarking, programming, hardware selection, software customizing, and operations management.


Over the years, Mr. Smid has developed and delivered hundreds of customized educational programs to thousands of instructors and students at colleges and universities across United States, Canada and Europe, as well as to a large number of manufacturing companies and private sector organizations and individuals. He has actively participated in many industrial trade shows, conferences, workshops and various seminars, including submission of papers, delivering presentations and a number of speaking engagements to professional organizations. He is also the author of articles and many in-house publications on the subject of CNC and CAD/CAM. For six years he had a monthly column in the ShopTalk Magazine related to CNC programming. During his many years as a highly respected professional in the CNC industrial and educational field, he has developed tens of thousands of pages of high quality training materials.

The author welcomes comments, suggestions and other input from educators, students and industrial users. You may contact him at


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Table of Contents

  • Concepts of CNC Machining
  • CNC Machine Specifications
  • Program Interpretation
  • Control System
  • Setup Handle
  • Operation Panel
  • Milling Tools-Setup
  • Setting Part Zero
  • Machining a Part
  • Work Offset Settings
  • Tool Length Offset
  • Multipart Setup
  • Cutter Radius Offset
  • Tools for CNC Lathes
  • Lathe Offsets
  • Cutter Radius Offset
  • Grooving on Lathes
  • Thread Cutting
  • Trial Cuts
  • Offset Change by Program
  • Coolants
  • Maintaining Surface Finish
  • System Parameters
  • Program Optimization
  • Troubleshooting
  • References