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Troubleshooting Past and Current Digital Editions

The following links will take you to pages providing informaiton on ordering and installing current Industrial Press eBooks, as well as to information regarding troubleshooting previous edition MH CD-ROMs. 

IP eBooks

MH Previous Edition CD-ROMs

Please note that Industrial Press no longer officially supports the older MH25-MH28 software program. The instructions on this site, which hopefully will assist with troubleshooting usage and reinstallation issues, are provided as a courtesy to our loyal customers. For information on our current MH31 product family, click here or visit our eBookStore site.

Please note that we cannot guaranty that any MH CD-ROM programs will run on the newest machines and operating systems. If the instructions on this site do not work, there is another option: As a previous edition Handbook CD-ROM owner, you are eligible to upgrade to the Machinery’s Handbook 31 Digital Edition Upgrade. (The discounted Upgrade version of this new digital product is identical to the regular Digital Edition, except that you must enter your previous edition registration number.) You can find out more about this product and other MH31 products and packages on our main website: