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Editor's Note

Message from the Editors

The editors of Machinery's Handbook are grateful to the many handbook users who have assisted us in preparing the 30th Edition. Calls, letters and comments from users around the world help us to gauge the effectiveness of the handbook presentation, topic selection and content. Many of the changes incorporated in the 30th Edition of Machinery's Handbook represent our direct response to suggestions from readers.


Please take a moment to drop us an email at to suggest fresh changes for our consideration. And tell us about new topics you would like to see, and why. Or offer creative criticism. We appreciate your help.


Do You Calculate Bolt Hole Coordinates?

For those of you who find yourselves calculating bolt circle coordinates, or looking them up in a table, take a look at our popular "in the cloud" calculating tool available here. Simply enter the number of holes, the hole circle diameter, match the type of hole circle according to the pictures, and press "Calculate" for a quick and accurate printable list of hole circle coordinates.


Got a Fresh Handbook Idea and Authoritative Knowledge?

Machinery's Handbook enlists the services of many knowledgeable experts in preparing articles for publication and reviewing the content of the Handbook. If you are an expert in your field and are interested in contributing material to the Handbook, please contact the editors at