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"Sharing my industry and CAD knowledge has been the most rewarding experience of my career. Students come to learn AutoCAD in order to find employment or to upgrade their skills. Seeing them actually achieve their goals, and knowing I helped, is a real pleasure. If you read the lessons and do the exercises, I promise, you will not fail." -Cheryl Shrock  


"Both the Beginning and Advanced AutoCAD books are designed to give the user the skills needed to confidently use AutoCAD in a working environment. They cover all the fundamental 2D and 3D commands and user settings necessary to become a highly capable user of the software. Many schools and colleges now adopt these AutoCAD instructional books as their preferred method of teaching with consistently excellent results. Professionals using AutoCAD who seek to improve or refresh their skills also find these information-packed books to be helpful. -Steve Heather

The bestselling AutoCAD Exercise Workbook series provides educators and students with instructional materials that are accurate, easy-to-understand, and reasonably priced.  Each workbook lesson is an effective lesson plan for that topic and saves instructors hours of preparation time. These books can be effectively used either for classroom instruction or as a self-study tutorial.


For more CAD titles such as "SolidWorks Basics", please see the CAD/CAM category.

  1. Beginning AutoCAD® 2020 Exercise Workbook

    For more than two decades, the Beginning AutoCAD® Exercise Workbook has been THE definitive tutorial for those learning and teaching about the CAD software. And as the AutoCAD package has continued to improve, so has this work, with better graphics, enhanced standard features (such as “CAD Tips” and side-by-side inch/metric measurements), and additional practical exercises.

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  2. Beginning AutoCAD® 2021 Exercise Workbook For Windows®

    There’s simply no better resource for anyone learning about and/or teaching CAD software than the Beginning AutoCAD Exercise Workbook. Veteran AutoCAD experts and former instructors Shrock and Heather have packed the 2021 version with a vastly improved interior design layout, 30 in-depth lessons with hundreds of useful practice exercises, all new screenshots, along with tried and true features such as “CAD tips” and side-by-side metric/inch measurements. The detailed, step-by-step format makes mastering AutoCAD much easier, in or out of a formal classroom. Readers can download the provided templates used for drawings in the book from the Industrial Press website.

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