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Guide to Mathematical Modeling

Guide to Mathematical Modelling

Dilwyn Edwards


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A basic introduction to mathematical modeling, this book encourages readers to participate in the investigation of a wide variety of modeling examples. These are carefully paced so that readers can identify and develop the skills which are required for successful modeling. The examples also promote an appreciation of the enormous range of problems to which mathematical modeling skills can be usefully applied.



  • Contains 12 examples that are completely new and have been used by student groups.
  • The chapter on difference equations is new to this edition.
  • Presents modeling methodology in detail and includes the essential skills for producing a successful model.
  • Provides coverage of ‘discrete’ models where the outcome is needed at discrete time intervals, such as hourly, daily, and yearly.
  • Investigates models in which the variables are continuous functions of time, such as often occurs in physics and engineering problems.
  • Covers problems that include a random feature that demand some statistical analysis.
  • Presents a collection of more demanding examples, some of which are fully developed while others are left for students to process.
  • Offers a chapter on communication skills, enabling students to explain the ideas behind the model to other people.


  • What is Modeling?
  • Getting Started
  • Modeling Methodology
  • Modeling Skills
  • Using Difference Equations
  • Using Differential Equations
  • Using Random Numbers
  • Using Data
  • Example Models
  • Report Writing and Presentations
  • Bibliography
  • Solutions to Exercises
  • Index