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Handbook of Dimensional Measurement, Fifth Edition

Handbook of Dimensional Measurement, Fifth Edition

Mark Curtis and Francis T. Farago


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Handbook of Dimensional Measurement, Fifth Edition features one completely new chapter covering "The Measurement of Geometric Dimensions and Tolerances," while providing comprehensive state-of-the-art treatment of all known dimensional measurement devices and techniques.


The Handbook of Dimensional Measurement is a unique resource organized into chapters by gage (gauge) type and function. Individual chapters move from simple to complex, from timeless measurement techniques to the most modern and innovative. As the single best (and most recognized and respected) reference on engineering measurement, the Fifth Edition improves its position as the most comprehensive source for dimensional measurement information available!



  • Includes a completely new chapter covering The Measurement of Geometric Dimensions and Tolerances.
  • Includes an improved and expanded illustration program, with 50 new figures and new digital photographs.
  • Supplements discussions with nearly 600 illustrations, line drawings and photographs.
  • Includes improvements and innovations made by the leading manufacturers of dimensional measurement equipment, hardware, and machinery from the last edition.
  • Describes equipment, hardware, and machinery in explicit narrative detail.
  • Brings all references to national and international standards up-to-date.


  • Introduction
  • Line Graduated Measuring Instruments
  • Fixed Gages
  • Gage Blocks
  • Comparative Length Measurements with Mechanical and Electronic Indicators
  • Pneumatic Gaging
  • Electronic Gages
  • Engineering Microscopes
  • Optical Projectors
  • Angle Measurements
  • The Measurement of Straightness, Flatness and Perpendicularity
  • The Systems and Applications of Measuring Machines
  • Profile Measurements
  • The Measurement of Roundness and Circular Contours
  • Surface Texture Measurement
  • Screw Thread Gaging and Measurement
  • The Measurement of Gears
  • Process Control Gaging
  • Automated Dimensional Measurements
  • New Developments in Dimensional Measurement
  • The Measurement of Geometric Dimensions and Tolerances
  • Appendix A: Principle Changes and Technological Improvements by Chapter
  • Appendix B: National and International Standards Referenced
  • Index