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Improving Reliability and Maintenance from Within

How to be an Effective Internal Consultant

Improving Reliability and Maintenance from Within
How to be an Effective Internal Consultant


Stephen J Thomas


Note: There is no ebook version of this title.



Improving Reliability and Maintenance from Within is a unique book, perfect for those who are internal consultants…and may not know it. It helps them recognize the value of their efforts and learn the skills required to optimize their performance.


Improving Reliability and Maintenance from Within explains the internal consultant’s role and describes the various tasks in which they become engaged. What’s more, it provides information that will enable users to improve their performance and deliver greater value. Also included is the Internal Consultant’s Web of Change—a tool that will help individuals recognize their strengths and their areas that need improvement.


This practical resource does more than start internal consultants on the road to improvement, it accompanies them on the journey! Upper management looking to understand internal consulting, middle tier reliability and maintenance management, and those who hold “special projects” positions will find this reference extremely useful.



  • Written by a professional who “been there, done that” type of work as opposed to someone who has not lived in the organization as an internal consultant.
  • Addresses 12 elements of internal consulting—those who are internal consultants can learn from this and improve their performance.
  • Presents the internal consultant business case so companies can justify this position.
  • Features the Web of Internal Consultant Change—a web (radar) diagram listing the 12 elements of the internal consultant and allowing readers to take a survey which will identify their strong areas, as well as areas for improvement.

Stephen J. Thomas


Stephen J. Thomas is a consultant in the area of organizational change and work process improvement who provides experience and knowledge to those who can utilize it to improve.


He writes "Remember that change is not an easy journey, but it is well worth the effort. My books do more than start you down the road, they accompany you on your journey."


The author can be contacted at


  • The Journey to Internal Consulting
  • What is an Internal Consultant?
  • Strategic vs. Tactical Work
  • The Business Case for Internal Consulting
  • Soft Skills and the Organizational Culture
  • Learning Organizations
  • Clients
  • The Internal Consultant's Work Process
  • Resistance
  • The Internal Consultant's Role
  • Work Teams
  • Working with External Consultants
  • Business Ethics for Internal Consultants
  • Completion of the Work
  • Readiness and Sustainability
  • Improving Your Internal Consulting Skills
  • The End of the Beginning
  • Appendix 1: The Goal Achievement Model
  • Appendix 2: RACI
  • Appendix 3: The Internal Consultant's Web of Change
  • Index