Lean Refining

How to Improve Performance in the Oil Industry

 Published May 2017

384 Pages, Hardcover

Print ISBN: 9780831136123

Print price: $69.95

Also available as an ebook.

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Lonnie Wilson’s new book addresses the tremendous opportunities this quality system can exploit to achieve huge financial gains, while simultaneously improving morale, timeliness, quality, safety, reliability, and environmental performance.

Welcome to the online home of my new book, Lean Refining. I and my publishers at Industrial Press hope you are thoroughly enjoying the book, and we want to assist you in your lean transformation. To that end, we have compiled this website so you could have access to additional information that just would not fit into the book. This includes: a comprehensive reference list of books from my library; contacts for key topical matter; many forms to be used in evaluations; and several templates to help as you develop some of the typical forms that are used in a lean transformation. To access this supplementary material, please click on the links provided below.

If you do not find something you would like, give me a call at my office, 915-203-4141 or email me at law@qc-ep.com. If you email me, make sure you give me a call-back number. Whenever possible, I answer inquiries on the phone; email is just not adequate for good dialogue.

Lonnie Wilson

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