Machine Design Elements and Assemblies

Published by: Industrial Press October 2018

500 Pages, hardcover

Print ISBN: 9780831136192

Print price: $129.95

Also available as an eBook.

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Welcome to the online home of my book, Machine Design Elements and Assemblies.

One of the most important fields of mechanical engineering is development, design, and improvement of mechanical systems. And successful design projects become the advanced systems and machines that enrich our lives.

Based on the fundamentals of several core disciplines, my newest book is designed to prepare students to meet challenges associated with solving real-life mechanical engineering design problems commonly found in industry. It includes comprehensive material on determining the specifications for new assemblies and the relationships between them, as well as the design considerations associated with the functionality of a full assembly. I include design projects that become progressively more complex as the text delves further into key subjects, as well as 120 problems and answers to help reinforce and build comprehension of each important lesson.

Industrial Press and I hope you find great value in my new book, and want to assist you in using it to achieve your goals, whether academic, pertaining to industry, or both. To this end, we have created this website so that you can have access to even more material, including nearly 400 additional problems that did not fit into the book. To access this supplementary material, please click on the link provided below.

If you have questions about this content or do not find something you would like, please write me, care of Industrial Press, at

Michael Spektor


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