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Machinery's Handbook

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  1. Machinery's Handbook Made Easy

    This is a time-saving navigational tool for Machinery’s Handbook for experienced professionals and beginners alike.  You will learn how to quickly find exactly what you need from the Handbook’s vast compilation of data, standards and text.  The contents are organized in an intuitive, easy-to-follow manner and are crossed-referenced to the 29th and 28th editions. Keep it open right alongside your Handbook at all times as a guide to maximum efficiency.  

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  2. Machinery's Handbook Collector's Edition: 1914 First Edition Replica

    In commemoration of our 125th Anniversary, we are proud to present the Collector’s Edition Replica of the original first edition of the Machinery’s Handbook, published in January, 1914. It's the perfect gift for your favorite machinist or to add to your own collection. Own the book that helped industry build!


    For virtually its entire life in print, Machinery’s Handbook has been a world-renowned reference and “the Bible” of the metalworking and mechanical industries.

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