The “Maintenance Insanity” Cure

Einstein said that insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Yet that is exactly what is happening in maintenance organizations. This work will guide any size plant or organization to improve how they do maintenance, how to keep their equipment running longer, and create a more efficient and streamlined structure so they can be competitive in today’s market.

Publication date October 2017
275 Pages, Hardcover
Print ISBN: 9780831136246
Print price: $59.95
Also available as an ebook.
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Welcome to the online home of my new book, The “Maintenance Insanity” Cure. I and my publishers at Industrial Press hope you are thoroughly enjoying the book, and we want to assist you in applying practical, effective solutions to your organization’s maintenance challenges.

To that end, we have compiled this website so you could have access to additional information that just would not fit into the book. This includes: simple tools, metrics, checklists, and team exercises that can be customized to fit your needs to improve cost analysis; planning, scheduling, and execution documents; crew re-enforcement programs with improvement project processes; assessment and transition plans; forecasting for materials and resources; and more on shutdown processes. These materials will help you implement the solutions in my book. To access this supplementary material, please click on the links provided below.

If you do not find something you would like, you can contact me at 903-261-3962 or email me at If you email me, please be sure to include a call-back number. Whenever possible, I answer inquiries initially on the phone and then follow up with an email as appropriate. I look forward to helping you solve your problems.

—Roger D. Lee

Links to Online Materials to Download from this Site 

Maintenance Assessment Worksheet

CAIP Charts and Process Tool

CAIP Tiers with Initial and Six-Month Scores

CE&SP Six Buckets – 2005

Contractor Productivity Workshop Kickoff Presentation

Daily Planning Scheduling and Execution Flowchart

Deep Dive Template and Agenda for Contractor and Owner Site Visit

Fish Scoreboard for Crew Teams

Maintenance Morning Report

Maintenance Process Assessment 21 Questions

Master Turnaround Checklist

Planning and Scheduling Training Slides for Class Exercise

Planning Decision Tree

Productivity Implementation Checklist and Action Items

Sales and Operations Planning Chart

Sample Contractor Crew Improvement Projects

Schedule Performance Tool with Metrics

Service Provider Milestones Transition Plan for Client Facility

Shutdown Planning and Scheduling Guidelines

Site Transition Plan

Six Buckets Spreadsheet 

Small Site Planning and Scheduling Strategy Graphics

Typical Interview Questions