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Maintenance Management and Regulatory Compliance Strategies

Maintenance Management and Regulatory Compliance Strategies

Terry Wireman


Note: There is no ebook version of this title.



Written by a recognized expert in the industry, Maintenance Management and Regulatory Compliance Strategies is a unique reference designed to create an awareness as to how important an effective maintenance management strategy is to supporting the regulatory requirements faced by each company today. It highlights the regulatory agencies and their requirements in the context of how they impact the maintenance management function within a company.


Maintenance Management and Regulatory Compliance Strategies begins with an overview of a comprehensive maintenance strategy and in subsequent chapters it examines each of the main regulatory agencies and their requirements for the maintenance function within a company. Anyone in the industry responsible for maintenance programs and those responsible for regulatory compliance issues for their companies will benefit from this guide.



  • Focuses on the main compliance programs—OSHA, Process Safety Management, EPA, FDA and ISO-9000.
  • Provides numerous examples to highlight the complexity of the standards and the integration that must occur between the standards and maintenance to insure compliance.
  • Details the penalties that have been assessed companies who have not maintained compliance, allowing a company to understand the impact of non-compliance with the standards.
  • A logical organization makes it easy to find regulatory compliance programs by: a topical outline (by regulation), an impact outline (how they affect maintenance) and a violations section that allows companies to see the cost of non-compliance.

Terry WiremanTerry L. Wireman serves as Senior Vice President of Strategic Development at Vesta Partners, LLC. Mr. Wireman leads Vesta's Maintenance and Reliability Seminars and Training and provides strategic guidance to help Vesta Partners shape its market strategy and long-term direction. For over two decades, Mr. Wireman has been specializing in the improvement of maintenance management and reliability. He helps customers develop "Best-In Class" maintenance and reliability policies and practices.


As an international expert in maintenance management, he assisted hundreds of clients in North America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim to improve their maintenance effectiveness. Mr. Wireman serves as Member of Advisory Board at Vesta Partners, LLC. In addition, he has authored fifteen books and numerous white papers and articles related to maintenance management process and technology.


  • Introduction to Maintenance Management
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Inventory and Purchasing
  • Work Orders
  • CMMS
  • Training and Skills Development
  • Operation Involvement
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance
  • Maintenance Management and Regulatory Compliance
  • Appendix A – C
  • Index