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Supply Chain Management

  1. The Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise

    Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise reveals a new management framework rooted in science, mathematics, economics and most importantly, common sense. It enables an unprecedented level of visibility across resources, products, levels and time ranges to quickly and effectively produce the relevant information that companies are desperately seeking. And is the pre-requisite for surviving and thriving in the VUCA world. That new framework is called the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise (DDAE) model.

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  2. Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP), Version 3

    Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) is a practical, proven, and emerging method for supply chain planning and execution that effectively brings the 1950s concept into the modern era. The foundation of DDMRP is based upon the connection between the creation, protection, and acceleration of the flow of relevant materials and information to drive returns on asset performance in the New Normal.

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  3. Organization-Wide Physical Asset Management

    This transformational process will provide:

    • an improvement in coordination and collaboration.
    • the ability to manage physical assets across the organization.
    • an alignment of all functional areas within an organization to reach common goals.
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