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Mathematics for Computer Graphics Applications, Second Edition

Mathematics for Computer Graphics Applications, Second Edition

Michael E. Mortenson


Note: There is no ebook version of this title.



This completely revised Second Edition of Mathematics for Computer Graphics Applications includes valuable information on major organizational changes. This edition brings to the fore the basic mathematical tools of computer graphics, including vectors, matrices, and transformations.


Additionally, it provides a strong, comprehensive base in exploring math, computer science, physics, engineering, and in special subjects such as algebraic and computational geometry, geometric modeling, and CAD/CAM. A highly diversified book that can be utilized as a primary textbook, supplemental teaching resource, individual tutorial, or key reference text.



  • Includes new chapters on symmetry, limit and continuity, constructive solid geometry, and the Bezier curve.
  • Provides many new figures and exercises.
  • Contains an annotated suggested reading list with exercises and answers in each chapter.
  • Appeals to both academics and professionals.
  • Offers a solutions manual for qualified instructors (email with this request).


  • Vectors
  • Matrix Algebra
  • Transformations
  • Symmetry and Groups
  • Limit and Continuity
  • Topology
  • Halfspaces
  • Points
  • Lines
  • Planes
  • Polygons
  • Polyhedra
  • Constructive Solid Geometry
  • Curves
  • The Bezier Curve
  • Surfaces
  • Computer Graphics Display Geometry
  • Display and Scene Transformations
  • Bibliography
  • Answers to Selected Exercises
  • Index