Machinery’s Handbook 27th Edition CD-ROM Troubleshooting

Please note that Industrial Press no longer officially supports this much older software program. The following instructions, which hopefully will assist with troubleshooting usage and reinstallation issues, are provided as a courtesy to our loyal customers.

We cannot guaranty that this older program will run on newer machines and operating systems (in fact, it is unlikely).

If the instructions below do not work, there is another option: As a previous edition Handbook CD-ROM owner, you are eligible to upgrade to the Machinery’s Handbook 31 Digital Edition Upgrade. (The discounted Upgrade version of this new digital product is identical to the regular Digital Edition, except that you must enter your previous edition registration number.) You can see the full Machinery’s Handbook Product Family and combination packages by clicking here.


Authorization: The MH27 program must be authorized by means of the installation program. If this step is not completed successfully, the Handbook CD will not run. Detailed instructions for installing and authorizing are included in the file Instructions.pdf located on the Machinery’s Handbook 27 CD.

Make sure that you have Adobe Reader and/or Acrobat installed before attempting to use this program. The following describes what you need to do AFTER you have run the setup program and authorized your CD-ROM.

1. It is likely that any problem with the 27th edition is related to the FileOpen plugin. If you have the version (or possibly higher) FileOpen plugin installed, you should not have any trouble with version of Reader 9 and lower. The plugin is also required in Reader X and XI, along with the changes to Preferences that are mentioned below.

 Here is a simple way to check the version of the plugin: Open Adobe Reader or Acrobat. If you are using both, you should check this in each version. In Reader/Acrobat go to Help -> About Third party Plug-ins and click on FileOpen. You should get a dialog box that has the version number of the

2. In Reader 8 or 9, there is nothing else to do. In Reader/Acrobat versions X, XI, or DC complete the following steps:

 If you are using Adobe Reader or Acrobat version X (10), XI (11), or DC (2015) there is also a setting in Preferences that needs to be changed. This is simple to do and will get your Handbook working. This is explained below. However, there is also another potential problem with the MH27 with these two versions of Reader/Acrobat, and that is that you may not be able to print. For some reason, some uses with these Reader/Acrobat version can print, and some cannot. You might as well make the changes to Preferences and see which group you fall into.

  • In Adobe Reader X, go to Edit->Preferences -> General category, and look for the check box “Enable Protected Mode at Startup” and UNCHECK it. Reader X has changes since it was first released, so if you don’t find this setting in the General category look for it in the Security (Enhanced) category. Then exit preferences and exit Reader. Restart Reader and test the Handbook. It should now work. Check if the Print function is available.
  •  In Reader XI or DC, the process is the same, except you need to go to Edit->Preferences->Security (Enhanced) category and UNCHECK the “Enable Protected Mode at Startup” box. Then exit Preferences and Reader and test the Handbook.
  • In Acrobat 11, the setting is on the Edit->Preferences->Security (Enhanced) page, but you have to set the Protected View radio button to Off, then close Acrobat and reopen, and test.
  • Acrobat 10 did not originally have this setting, but may now. It will probably be on the Edit->Preferences->General category page.

3. Once you get the 27th Handbook working, you will want to verify that you can print if you need to use that functionality.

 With Adobe Reader X, XI, and DC, some users have been unable to print; others do not experience this problem. There is another FileOPen plugin available at (This plugin is also used by the 28th to 30th edition Handbooks.) It may work. CLOSE Reader/Acrobat and click on the link above, then click OK on the page to install the plugin. Then reopen your 27th Handbook and test whether you can print.

  • ISSUES REQUIRING MANUAL ASSISTANCE FROM THE INDUSTRIAL PRESS HANDBOOK TECH TEAM: As we do not officially support this edition, and our resources to perform the following tasks are limited, we cannot say how long it will take to respond to any request for the following information. But you are welcome to email us if you have the time and inclination to wait for a response. (Note that this information will not be accepted by phone.) First, try sending the needed information to; if no answer is received after a week, you can write our main email address, asking if someone get back to you about your older CD-ROM program. 

RESETTING YOUR ORDER ID: In order to reinstall your MH27 CD-ROM, you may need someone at IP to manually reset your original order ID, which was provided by us along with your CD-ROM (this does not refer to an order ID related to ordering this product from an outside supplier). Email your name, order ID, and MH27 registration number to IP, and request this reset.

OFFLINE AUTHORIZATION OF MH27 CD-ROM ONLY: Note that this requires that IP provide you with a unique offline authorization code needed for this process:

  • You will need to rerun the setup.exe from the CD and select “Authorize Offline” when you get to that screen.
  • Then select “Next” twice, until you get the offline authorization dialog box.
  • Fill in the necessary info and send IP the Product ID and InputString from that dialog box.
  • We will generate and email you an offline authorization code for you to enter into the bottom of the offline authorization dialog box.
  • If you need to close this dialog box while waiting for this code, that is okay. You can reopen it in the same way later to enter the authorization code.
  • Once this process is complete, you can use your MH27 CD-ROM program offline.