Machinery’s Handbook 30th Edition CD-ROM Troubleshooting

Please note that Industrial Press no longer supports this old software program as it will not run on newer machines and operating systems. The archival instructions below, collected to assist with troubleshooting usage and reinstallation issues, are provided solely as a courtesy to our loyal customers.

Good news is that there is an upgrade option: As a previous edition Handbook CD-ROM owner, you are eligible to upgrade to the Machinery’s Handbook 32 Digital Edition Upgrade. (The discounted Upgrade version of this digital product is identical to the regular Digital Edition, except that you must enter your previous edition MH CD-ROM registration number or have a current subscription to a previous edition MH digital product at our eBookStore site.) You can see the full Machinery’s Handbook Product Family and combination packages by clicking here.

We have some recommendations that should help to get your Machinery’s Handbook 30 working. Make sure that you have Adobe Reader and/or Acrobat installed before attempting to use this program. The following describes what you need to do AFTER you have run the setup program and authorized your CD-ROM.

We suggest that you start with Step 1, updating the FileOpen plugin, and then test the Handbook and look at Steps 2 & 3 if necessary. If you are using a laptop or do not have a reliable internet connection get offline permissions according to Step 4.

1. After making sure you have Adobe Reader or Acrobat installed, please update the FileOpen plugin for Adobe Reader/Acrobat to the latest version. To do this, please CLOSE Reader/Acrobat and click on the following link: Then follow the on-screen instructions to download and run the plugin installer. You can also check the version of the FileOpen plugin you have installed, as follows: Open Adobe Reader/Acrobat. Under the Help menu click on About Third-Party Plug-ins -> FileOpen Client… A dialog box should appear. The plugin version is the Build number. It should be 928 (distribution) or greater. If you have a lower version run the plugin installer as described above.

2. Open the Handbook to a topic of interest. If/When the “You are not authorized” dialog appears, please click on “Accept” or “Ok”, whichever appears. This should open the document server login web page (note, if you see a security warning choose to continue and open the page). On the web page is a field to enter your registration number. Enter you registration number and press “Login”. You should then get a Login Successful page.

Note: In the event that the document server login page does not open when you click on “Accept” or “OK”, as described above, then please open the permission server login page manually from this link,, enter your registration number and press Login. You should then get a Login Successful page.

Once you have completed Step 2, go back to the Handbook and test opening the various sections. Everything should now work.

3. If you are using Adobe Reader/Acrobat X, XI (version 10 or 11) or DC (version 2015) and receive the error: “There was an error opening this document. An internal error occurred” when clicking on one of the section headings in the left (bookmark) panel, try using a single-click instead of a double-click. Learning to use a single-click on the links should resolve this problem completely.

4. If you are using a laptop, or do not have a continuous internet connection, We suggest you install offline permissions. To do this, go to Start->All Programs->Machinery’s Handbook->30th Edition->Get Offline Permissions. That will open a document similar to the first screen of the Handbook, and obtains permanent offline permissions for the Handbook. You only need to open this one time.

A note to Windows 10 Users: Please note that Windows 10 may try to open the Handbook using its proprietary reader, which will not work. In such a case, please specify that the Handbook be “opened with” your Adobe Reader.

ISSUES PREVIOUSLY REQUIRING ASSISTANCE FROM THE INDUSTRIAL PRESS HANDBOOK TECH TEAM: We no longer support this more than 8-year-old CD-ROM software version. Please see above regarding options for upgrading to the latest Digital Edition.