Gear Design Simplified, Third Edition

Gear Design Simplified, Third Edition

Franklin D Jones and Henry H Ryffel


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Gear Design Simplified, Third Edition, a classic reference, is a compilation of a series of gear-designing charts illustrating by simple diagrams and examples the solutions of practical problems relating to spur gears, straight-tooth bevel gears, spiral-bevel gears, helical gears for parallel shaft drives, helical (spiral) gears for angular drives, herringbone gears, and worm gears.



  • Contains a series of simply diagrammed gear-designing charts, illustrating solutions to practical problems.
  • Presents all of the rules, formulas, and examples applying to all types of gears.
  • Aids design engineers and manufacturers involved in the production of gears.


  • Standard Gear Tooth Forms and Dimensions
  • Spur Gears- Full Depth Teeth
  • Spur Gears- Stub Teeth
  • Internal Gears
  • Bevel Gears- Right Angle Drives
  • Straight Tooth Bevel Gears- Gleason System
  • Bevel Gears of Parallel-Depth Type
  • Helical or Spiral Gears
  • Herringbone Gears
  • Worm Gearing
  • Gearing Ratios and Speeds
  • Power Transmitting Capacity of Gears
  • Definitions of Gear Terms
  • Index