Manual of Gear Design (Revised) Combined Edition, Volumes 1, 2 and 3

Manual of Gear Design (Revised)
Combined Edition, Volumes 1, 2 and 3

Holbrook L. Horton and Earle Buckingham


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This effective manual conveniently gathers together the necessary information required for solving a majority of gear problems.



The first section contains tables and information on calculating gear rations, as well as tables of factors and involute functions. The second section covers subjects on spur and internal gears, while section three focuses on information pertaining to helical and spiral gears.


Volume I: Use of Tables for Change Gear Calculations.

  • Tables of Consecutive Factorable Numbers.
  • Brocot's Tables.
  • Important Considerations in Computing Gear Trains.
  • Mathematical Tables.

Volume II: Nomenclature and Symbols.

  • Plane Trigonometry.
  • Involute Trigonometry.
  • Design of Spur Gear Teeth.
  • Design of Internal Gear Teeth.
  • Backlash.
  • Gear Tooth Loads.
  • Analytical Calculation of Y.
  • Design of Gear Drives for Extreme Conditions.
  • Accelerated Life Tests.
  • How Design Errors Influence the Functioning of Gear Trains.
  • US-Metric Terminology.
  • Index.

Volume III: Terms, Symbols and Definitions.

  • Helical Gear Mathematics.
  • Design of Helical Gear Teeth, parallel shafts.
  • Recess Action Gears.
  • Internal Helical Gear Drives.
  • Planetary Gears.
  • End Thrust and Bearing Loads.
  • Backlash.
  • Helical Gear Tooth Loads.
  • Spiral Gears.
  • Spiral Gears Mathematics.
  • Design of Spiral Gears.
  • Load Carrying Capacity of Spiral Gears.
  • Index.