Vector Analysis (CD-ROM in PDF)

Vector Analysis

Kenneth A Stroud and Dexter J Booth


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Using the same innovative and proven approach that made the authors' Engineering Mathematics a worldwide bestseller, this CD-ROM can be used in the classroom or as an in-depth self-study guide. Its unique programmed approach patiently presents the mathematics in a step-by-step fashion together with a wealth of worked examples and exercises. It also contains Quizzes, Learning Outcomes, and Can You? checklists that guide readers through each topic and reinforce learning and comprehension. Both students and professionals alike will find this book a very effective learning tool and reference.



  • Uses a unique programmed approach that takes readers through the mathematics in a step-by-step fashion with a wealth of worked examples and exercises.
  • Contains many Quizzes, Learning Outcomes, and Can You? checklists.
  • Ideal as a classroom textbook or a self-learning manual.



Requirements: The CD-ROM is compatible with most Microsoft Windows operating systems from Windows 98 to Windows 8 and 8 Pro. The product requires Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. The CD-ROM should operate with corresponding Windows-compatible hardware, including desktops, notebooks, laptops, netbooks and tablet computers. Internet access is required for product activation. PLEASE NOTE: The CD-ROM version is not compatible with Windows 8 RT, smart phones and tablets including the iPhone, iPad, Android devices and/or ebook readers such as Kindle, Nook or the Sony Wi-Fi E-Reader. Please refer to the printed book (link above).


  • Partial Differentiation
  • Application of Partial Differentiation
  • Polar Coordinates
  • Double and Triple Integrals
  • Differentials and Line Integrals
  • Vector Integration
  • Curvilinear Coordinates
  • Surface and Volume Integrals
  • Vectors
  • Vector Differentiation