SolidWorks for Technology and Engineering, Second Edition

SolidWorks for Technology and Engineering, Second Edition

James Valentino and Nicholas DiZinno


Note: There is no ebook version of this title.



SolidWorks for Technology and Engineering, Second Edition, provides a comprehensive introduction for students. Little or no prior experience is needed to benefit from this liberally-illustrated work. Use the book in any educational setting from four-year engineering schools to community colleges and vocational / technical schools and industrial training centers. The book is also a reliable reference on the job. It functions well as a self-study manual. Authors Valentino and DiZinno have carefully and thoughtfully arranged the contents in a clear, logical sequence.

Many hundreds of well-drawn visuals supplant wordy explanations, demonstrating the power of the software. Many learning aids are included throughout the 500 page book.

Includes a CD keyed to examples for clear, effective and interactive learning of SolidWorks software. (Note: Users must have a current version of the SolidWorks software installed on their computer to complete the exercises.)


  • Strong graphical illustrations rather than long text and definitions are emphasized. Key definitions are boxed in.
  • Examples provide step-by-step instructions, supported with excellent graphics.
  • Needless cross-referencing has been eliminated. Each example is presented with all explanations appearing on the same page.
  • Exercises are presented at the ends of chapters
  • A CD provided with the text contains files that are keyed in sequence to the selected examples. Students can follow interactively when learning the procedure with the concepts presented in the text.
  • The text contains exercises and materials that are key to preparing students for the Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA) exam. Appendix B contains a complete key and sample exam solutions.
  • An appendix offers the CSWA exam for certification of skills.


  • Introduction to SolidWorks
  • The SolidWorks User Interface
  • Creating 2D Sketches on Reference Planes
  • Advanced Sketch Tools
  • Creating Extrude, Fillet and Hole Features
  • Producing 2D Engineering Drawings from 3D Solid Parts
  • Creating Shells Draft and Rib Features
  • Patterns, Mirror Features and the Hole Wizard
  • Creating Sweep, Curve and Loft Features
  • Creating Assemblies
  • Producing 2D Engineering Drawings from 3D Solid Assemblies
  • Animation
  • Configurations
  • Design Stress Analysis with SimulationXpress
  • Sheet Metal Parts
  • Using Links and Equations
  • Appendix A: Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA)Exam
  • Appendix B: Customizing