An Introduction to Measuration and Calibration

An Introduction to Measuration and Calibration

Paul D. Q. Campbell


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Accuracy and consistency are essential to success in manufacturing, and the technology of precision measurement is fully explained and illustrated in this important book for both apprentice and practicing engineers.



Provides illustrations of the devices throughout with descriptions of how they are used in industry. Offers a vast amount of new material that can be applied to virtually any imaginable measurement or calibration task.


  • Measuration Systems
  • Mechanical Measuring Devices
  • Squares and Surface Plate Instruments
  • Gages
  • Angular Measuring Devices
  • Electronic Measuring Devices
  • Optical Measuring Devices
  • Miscellaneous Measuring Devices
  • Appendices
  • Metric/English Conversions, Suggested Reading, Gear Tooth Measurement
  • Index