Engineers Precision Data Pocket Reference

Engineers Precision Data Pocket Reference

Steve Heather


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Engineers Precision Data Pocket Reference has all the fundamental data that engineers need in their daily work in a convenient pocket-size book. Taping and drilling charts, hole coordinate charts with common sizes already worked out, speeds/feeds, material specs, drawing symbols and standards, CNC machine codes, plus much more. Ideal for mechanical, manufacturing, and design engineers, draftsmen, toolmakers, machinists, students, and hobbyists. Note that this book is spiral bound and opens out flat or folds back, making it very easy to use while you work.



This is the right choice for you if you want a pocket reference that …

  • Is compact, lightweight, easy-to-carry and really does fit in your pocket.
  • Contains the essential data you need practically every day, yet is uncluttered by extraneous  information.
  • Is organized so you can easily locate the data you need very quickly.
  • Contains data not found in similar books, such as thread charts showing all effective sizes.


Steve Heather is a former Lecturer of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Aided Design in England. For the past 8 years, he has been a Beta Tester for Autodesk®, testing the latest AutoCAD® software. Previous to teaching, and for more than 30 years, Heather worked as a Precision Engineer in the aerospace and defense industries.


He is the co-author of the bestselling series of Beginning and Advanced AutoCAD® Exercise Workbooks and the AutoCAD Pocket Reference, as well as author of the AutoCAD 3D Modeling Exercise Workbook.  He also is a key engineering consultant and contributor to the Machinery's Handbook.


Steve lives near Canterbury, England and welcomes questions about his books. You can email him at


Meet Author Steve Heather!

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Mathematical Formulas and Measurement

  • Solution of Right-Angled Triangles
  • Solution of Oblique-Angled Triangles
  • Areas & Dimensions Of Plane Figures
  • Volumes Of Solids
  • Distance Across Corners Of Hexagons & Squares
  • Coordinates For Locating Equally Spaced Holes
  • Sine Bar Calculations
  • Measuring Dovetail Slides
  • Calculating Countersink & Spot Drill Depths
  • Speeds & Feeds For Milling, Drilling, & Turning
  • Allowances For Sheet Metal Bending
  • Calculating Shearing Pressure For Blanking
  • Shear Strengths Of Materials For Blanking

Screw Thread and Drill Size Equivalent Charts

  • ISO Metric Coarse
  • ISO Metric Fine
  • UNC - Unified National Coarse
  • UNF - Unified National Fine
  • BA - British Association
  • BSW - British Standard Whitworth
  • BSF - British Standard Fine
  • BSP - British Standard Pipe
  • BSPT - British Standard Pipe Taper
  • NPT - National Pipe Taper
  • Fluteless (Cold Forming) Threads – Tapping Drill Sizes
  • Thread Repair Inserts - Tapping Drill Sizes
  • Fractional, Number, Letter, Metric & Decimal
  • Drill Size Equivalent Charts


  • Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screws
    • Clearance Drill, Counterbore & Key Sizes For Inch Series
    • Clearance Drill, Counterbore & Key Sizes For Metric Series
  • Hexagon Socket Flat Countersunk Head Cap Screws
    • Clearance Drill, Counterbore & Key Sizes For Inch Series
    • Clearance Drill, Counterbore & Key Sizes For Metric Series
  • Machine & Set Screw Identification Chart

Allowances and Tolerances

  • Terms Used For Preferred Fits On Holes & Shafts
  • Selected ISO Fits - Hole Basis
    • Clearance Fits
    • Transition Fits
    • Interference Fits

Properties and Testing of Materials

  • Heat, Mass & Weight Of Elements
  • Hardness Comparison Table
  • Surface Textures

Drawing Standards

  • Drawing Sheet Sizes - US Customary Inch & ISO Metric
  • Line Types & Line Widths
  • ASME & ISO Orthographic Projections
  • ASME & ISO Geometric Symbols Comparison Chart
  • Common Drawing Abbreviations

Computer Numerical Control

  • Letter Addresses
  • G-Code Addresses
  • Miscellaneous Functions (M-Codes)

Conversion Factors

  • Inches to Millimeters
  • Millimeters to Inches
  • Fractional Inches to Millimeters
  • Fractional Inches to Decimal Inches
  • Common Conversion Factors
    • Metric to Inch System
    • Imperial to Metric System