The Art of Sculpture Welding

From Concept to Creation

The Art of Sculpture Welding
From Concept to Creation

Kristi Richardson McCoy


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This extraordinary seven-part book covers the processes of creating 13 projects -- from pencils to vases to bicycles -- for all personalities, skill levels and interests. It is specifically designed for students, beginning welders, hobbyists, and do-it-yourselfers. Many of the plans have been built multiple times by students and others. The plans are easy to read and the projects are meant to motivate the reader to want to learn the welding and fabrication processes. All plans include a list of materials, dimensions, special notes as needed, plus any commentaries about special equipment that might be necessary to complete the project. 



  • Includes designed plans instructors can use to teach students all facets of the welding environment in a fun and challenging way.
  • All 14 projects were developed because students wanted to build them. A parts list included with each project allows students and instructors to easily complete a cost estimate. 
  • The book starts with projects on beginning fabrication, teaching students how to measure, identify types of steel, use a scribe, a square, plasma and cutting torches. 
  • During the welding process students experience real-life situations where they must tack up a project, check for square, and ensure part size is exact so that joints are not too wide to weld. 
  • Some projects are designed for specific welding applications but can be easily changed to fit all the welding processes including MIG, TIG, AC/DC, and Oxy/Acetylene welding. 

Kristi Richardson McCoy is a self-taught welding instructor, with over 16 years of teaching and studying the welding process. Each year she has striven to learn something new about the field, whether it is the certification process, finishes and paints, or trying something new like underwater welding. She earned certifications in SMAW and GMAW. Having an art background has helped her develop a creative teaching style that holds the interests of students who might otherwise be intimidated by the welding environment. McCoy teaches Computer-Aided Drafting, Electronics, Woodworking, Basic Welding, Advanced Welding, and Welding Sculpture at Spearfish High School in South Dakota.

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  • Part 1: Beginning Gas Metal Arc Welding
  • Part 2: Beginning Shielded Metal Arc Welding Projects
  • Part 3: Gas Welding Projects
  • Part 4: Beginning Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
  • Part 5: Bending Wrought Iron Projects
  • Part 6: Metal & Wood