Creating and Maintaining a World Class Machine Shop

A Guide to General and Titanium Shop Practices

Creating and Maintaining a World-Class Machine Shop
A Guide to General and Titanium Shop Practices

Ed Rossman (deceased)


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Creating and Maintaining a World Class Machine Shop is about proven principles of success in metal fabrication. The material presented is practical and in-use, as the examples will show. While the primary focus of this book is on machining titanium, many of the items discussed could apply to any machining or manufacturing enterprise.The look and feel of a world-class shop is described with many examples.


If you own, manage, or work at a general or titanium machine shop, or at virtually any metal fabrication shop, you will find yourself referring to this manual over and over again!


Edward F. Rossman, PhD, passed away on October 7, 2007, in Auburn, Wash., at the age of 72. Dr. Rossman was born April 1, 1935, in Highland Park, Mich. He was an associate technical fellow with The Boeing Co., with 22 years of service. Known to his friends and colleagues as "Dr. Titanium," he was instrumental in the development of titanium alloys within Boeing and at suppliers across the country. A published author, he excelled in his endeavor to share knowledge. His passion for manufacturing and desire to help others never weakened.


He had been an active SME member for more than two decades. During his last three years, even while extremely ill, he maintained his involvement in the Machining & Material Removal Community, serving as a community advisor. In addition to his role as a community advisor, he was also involved in several other SME Technical Communities and recruited more than 50 new SME members.


As one SME staff member stated, "His sincere interest in our lives and his ability to tell an effective story pertinent to any existing situation made him unique in my opinion. His passion for manufacturing and his desire to help never weakened, even during the most physically demanding times when he was in poor health. He took the time to listen and offer suggestions, which often allowed you to develop your own understanding of the problem."  


In 2004, Dr. Rossman was awarded an Industry Outstanding Contribution Award by Hanita Cutting Tools. In 2005, he received the Outstanding Member Award from SME.

Courtesy of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers News Archives