Engineering Formulas: Conversions, Definitions & Tables

Engineering Formulas: Conversions, Definitions & Tables

Frank Simms


Note: There is no ebook version of this title.



If you are a designer, project engineer, plant engineer or engineering student, you will find the answer when you need it. Engineering Formulas may become the single most useful reference on your bookshelf. While published some years ago, this comprehensive and well-organized book is still considered by many to be a definitive and highly useful reference for engineers and students.



  • The reference contains over 450 units conversions, 180 term definitions, plus every significant engineering subject with applicable formulas, all arranged alphabetically.
  • It also includes properties of materials, formulas for geometric figures and formulas for structural sections.


PLEASE NOTE: The Interactive CD-ROM on engineering formulas formerly used with this book was designed to work with earlier, 16-bit, Windows operating systems, and it will not work on current computers.