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RCM3: Risk-Based Reliability Centered Maintenance

RCM3: Risk-Based Reliability Centered Maintenance

Marius Basson, with the Aladon Network


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The popular Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM2) methodology has been around since the late ’90s, but it was what professionals call a consequence-based approach. This work represents a revision to that bestselling RCM2 title, with more modern thinking, an emphasis on a risk-based methodology, and alignment with International ISO standards (55000 and 31000). The result is a more holistic, integrated, and rigorous way for developing asset care and risk-mitigating strategies for physical assets.


Since the release of the ISO 310004 and ISO 550005 Standards for Risk Management and Asset Management respectively, Aladon developed RCM3™, a risk-based RCM methodology that places managing the risk and reliability of physical assets mainstream with other business management systems in an organization. RCM3 fully complies and exceeds the requirements of the SAE Standard and fully aligns with the frameworks of the ISO Standards.


The new risk-based focus of RCM3 (proactive management of intolerable physical and economic risks) features the following principles:


  • Updated approach for testing and handling of protective devices
  • Based on the requirements of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) and its challenges
  • Covers new expectations and new maintenance techniques for fourth-generation maintenance
  • Places reliability & risk management mainstream with organizational objectives and management systems
  • Aligned and integrated with International ISO Standards for Physical Asset Management and Risk Management (ISO 55000 & ISO 31000)
  • Now part of an integrated asset strategy for full life-cycle management of physical assets

Marius Basson is the President of Aladon and The Aladon Network, a global community of industry professionals delivering reliability-based training and consulting services. He is an experienced engineering professional with more than 25 years’ experience in leading and implementing business improvement and reliability initiatives. He specialized in the application of risk and reliability improve- ment programs for many years and adopted a methodical way of thinking.


Aladon is a global network of asset reliability professionals, certified in the delivery of a team-based approach for improving the risk and reliability of all key assets in an organization. They have specialized in managing risk and reliability of physical assets and the implementation of asset management programs for more than 3 decades


  • Chapter 1: RCM3 Background
  • Chapter 2: Introduction to RCM
  • Chapter 3: Operating Context
  • Chapter 4: Functions
  • Chapter 5: Failed States and FMEA
  • Chapter 6: Failure Consequence and Risk
  • Chapter 7: Proactive Tasks
  • Chapter 8: Default Actions
  • Chapter 9: The RCM Decision Diagram
  • Chapter 10: Implementing RCM Recommendations
  • Chapter 11: Applying the RCM Process
  • Chapter 12: What RCM Achieves