Rotating Machinery Reliability for Technicians and Engineers

“This is the book I wish I had when I started in the industry.”

“Hands-down the best work I’ve ever seen, making difficult concepts easy to understand, and offering tremendous value to beginners and experienced techs/engineers alike.”

“A must-read for anyone involved in rotating equipment reliability, especially new technicians.”

“A wonderful, helpful tool that has helped my team understand how to troubleshoot vibration issues in the field.”

“Shows how analysts of 5 or 50 years in the field can help themselves in their approach to investigating potential issues in plant machinery.”

Published by: Industrial Press November 2022

400 pages, paperback

Print ISBN: 9780831136857

Print price: $89.95

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Also soon to be available as an eBook.

Welcome to the online home of my book addressing problems encountered daily by large manufacturers. It delves deep into machinery fault analysis, with a concentration on vibration, bearings, and electrical issues. 

Because many companies expend insufficient resources on training, their new engineers, technicians, and analysts are often ill-prepared to tackle real-world problems and produce solutions. And when it comes to large, expensive machinery, every minute of downtime can translate into the loss of millions of dollars.

In this troubleshooting guide, I present more than 50 specific case studies. Drawing on my 45+ years in the field, the discussions of these real-world scenarios focus on what works, and perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t work. Also included are applicable industry standards, best practices, and a chapter on diagnosing and solving electric discharge machining damage in ball bearings.

Industrial Press and I hope you find great value in my new book, and we want to assist you in using it to achieve your professional goals. Therefore, to round out this package, we have created this webpage to give you access to even more useful material. See below for links to a slide show, instructional video footage, spreadsheets and tables, selected technical white papers and articles for further reference, and key directions for implementing the latest technology.

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Ron Brook

 Dropbox Links to Download Supplementary Materials:

  • Slide presentation & on-the-job videos
  • Documents & spreadsheets
    • “Dynamic Absorber Spreadsheet,” with calculations, illustrative figure, derivation of formula (Dunkerley approach), test case comparison (Dunkerley vs. Fox) and notes (Excel file; courtesy of Peter Schimpf)
    • “ISO Balance Tolerance Calculator” (Courtesy of Balance Technology) and “Vibration Conversion Calculator” (Word doc; courtesy of The Modal Shop)
    • White Paper: “Application of Axial Preload of Bearings to Reduce Bearing Noise, Vibration, and Wear — Why and How” (Word doc)
  • More tables (scanned as figures) for calculations:
    • “Balance Correction Chart for SteelWeight of Metal Removed in Grams” (jpg)
    • “Machinery Vibration Diagnostic Guide” (jpg; courtesy of Nicolet Scientific Corp.)
  • Articles/bulletins for further reference:
    • “Mechanical Installation of Electric Motors” by W. Ray Symons, Reliance Electric (pdf)
    • “Minimizing Electric Bearing Currents in Adjustable Speed Drive Systems” by Patrick J. Link, ABD Industrial Systems (pdf)
    • Service Bulletin on how to read AFBM ball bearing codes (pdf; courtesy of Reliance Electric)

* Note that you will need to download these files and unzip them. While Windows 10 and 11 may not automatically bring up Windows Media Player for the videos, the program is there and should run them. To view the rest of the provided files, you will need Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel, as well as an Adobe Acrobat or Reader version.)

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