Industrial Press, Inc., was thrilled to return as the Official Bookstore at SMRP’s 30th Annual Conference in Raleigh, NC. The 2022 event was buzzing with a wide range of programs, track sessions, hands-on workshops, and facility tours. It was a success all around! Good news is that there is still time to take advantage of our SMRP Show Discount.

Print titles: To get 20% off selected titles, click on the link below to go to the book’s product page, click on BUY, and enter the discount SMRP2022 at checkout. Note that some titles, as noted on the product pages, are printed on receipt of order and are not returnable except for product defects.

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This Offer expires on November 15, 2022.

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IP Maintenance & Reliability Titles on Sale

Asset Data Integrity, DiStefano, Thomas

Asset Management Insights: Phases, Practices, and Value, De Azevedo

Benchmarking Best Practices for Maintenance Reliability Asset Management, 3rd Ed., Wireman

Case Studies in Maintenance, Narayan, Wardhaugh, Das

Complete Guide to Preventive and Predictive Maintenance, 2nd Ed., Levitt

Cover Your A$$ets: Asset Management at Your Place and at Your Pace, Ross

Death of Reliability, The, Wright

Design for Reliability, Daley

Developing Performance Indicators for Maintenance and Reliability 2nd Ed., Wireman

Effective Maintenance Management, 2nd Ed., Narayan

Failure Mapping, Daley

Fifteen Most Common Obstacles, The, Nyman

Fleet Purchasing Maintenance and Reliability, Murphy

Handbook of Maintenance Management, The, 2nd Ed., Levitt

Improving Maintenance Reliability through Cultural Change, Thomas

Improving Maintenance Reliability through Cultural Change Workbook, Thomas

Improving Reliability and Maintenance from Within, Thomas

Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness, Sondalini

Lean Maintenance, Levitt

Lean Production, Black

Little Black Book of Reliability Management, The, Daley

Lubrication for Industry, 2nd Ed., Bannister

Machinery Lubrication and Reliability, Sahoo

Machinery Lubrication Technician (MLT I and II) Certification Exam Guide, Holloway, Mathura

Maintenance and Operational Reliability, Nyman, Mountjoy

Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices, 3rd Ed., Gulati

Maintenance and Reliability Certification Exam Guide, Wright

“Maintenance Insanity” Cure, The, Lee

Maintenance Management & Regulatory Compliance Strategies, Wireman

Maintenance Planning, Coordination, & Scheduling, 2nd Ed., Nyman, Levitt

Maintenance Scorecard, The, Mather

Managing Factory Maintenance, 2nd Ed., Levitt

Managing Maintenance Shutdowns and Outages, Levitt

New Strategy for Continuous Improvement, A, Slater

Organization-Wide Physical Asset Management, Dhaliah

Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Hansen

Production Spare Parts, Moncrief, Schroder, Reynolds

Productive Leadership System™: Maximizing Organizational Reliability, Moriarty

RCM3™: Risk-Based Reliability Centered Maintenance, Basson

RCM Solution, The, Regan

Reliability Assessment, Daley

Reliability-Centered Maintenance, 2nd Ed., Moubray

Reliability Excellence Workbook: From Ideas to Action, Ross

Smart Inventory Solutions, 2nd Ed., Slater

Spare Parts Inventory Management, Slater

Surviving the Spare Parts Crisis, Levitt

Sustaining Continuous Innovation Through Problem Solving, Armstrong

Total Productive Maintenance, 2nd. Ed., Wireman

TPM Reloaded, Levitt