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Straightening Titanium Alloy Parts

Straightening Titanium Alloy Parts

Ed Rossman, SME


Note: There is no ebook version of this title.



Unlike any other book, Straightening Titanium Alloy Parts is a practical and proven guide that provides a foundation for determining causes and remedies for warpage in titanium alloy part fabrication. It discusses methods for straightening titanium alloy and describes criterion for selecting the most appropriate straightening process. You’ll never have to fight distortion or throw away warped titanium parts again!



  • Discusses in detail the causes of warpage of titanium alloy airframe parts.
  • Provides proven steps that can be taken to prevent warpage.
  • Offers recipes for straightening titanium parts—straightening in a gas furnace, straightening in an electric furnace, straightening in a vacuum furnace, straightening cold, straightening by shot peening, straightening using blacksmithing techniques.



  • Background
  • Problem
  • Purpose
  • Scope and Limitations of Report
  • Order of Reporting

Chapter 1: Causes and Prevention of Warpage

  • Purpose
  • Coverage and Limitations
  • Three Areas of Stress
  • Short-Term Solution (Straighten Part)
  • Long-Term Solutions
  • Summary

Chapter 2: Methods (Recipes) for Straightening

  • Background and General Definitions
  • Specific Purpose of this Chapter
  • Order of Discussion
  • Limitations
  • Definitions and General Information
  • Specific Methods and Processes for Straightening Parts (The Recipes)
  • Summary

Chapter 3: Overall Summary