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Machinery's Handbook

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  1. Machinery's Handbook 31 Digital Upgrade Only

    The Machinery's Handbook 31 Digital Edition Upgrade includes the complete contents of the print edition, plus Digital Edition-only material, added indexes, and the complete contents of the Machinery's Handbook Guide. Usable on your PC or Mac laptop or desktop, iPhone, iPad, and Android device, it provides scalable viewing, printing of specific pages and tables, and quick access to the information you need, via thousands of clickable links and global searching.


    In addition to the full print edition, the Machinery’s Handbook Digital Edition also includes more than 1,200 additional pages, mostly material that was published in previous print editions but subsequently removed due to space restrictions. This includes additional indexes of the entire content, expanded tables of popular content, original material on many topics from previous print editions, and the entire contents of the companion book Machinery’s Handbook, 31st Edition, Guide.

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