Ordering, Installing, and Using IP eBooks

To purchase an Industrial Press eBook or to redeem an access code for an IP eBook, you first need to set up your user account at the Industrial Press eBookStore site (ebooks.industrialpress.com), which is separate from this one (books.industrialpress.com).

First, set up your IP eBookStore account:

  • If you do not yet have an account, please go to the homepage of the Industrial Press eBookStore: ebooks.industrialpress.com.
    (Make sure you are at the eBookStore site and not at books.industrialpress.com.)
  • Click on the menu option at the top right labeled “Register.”
  • Sign up to create your account with a unique username and password.
  • Note your username and password for accessing your eBookStore account.

To purchase one or more Industrial Press eBooks:

  • Please log into your IP eBookStore account at ebooks.industrialpress.com.
  • Find the eBook you want to purchase, and add it to your shopping cart.
  • Add any other books you want to purchase to your cart.
  • Go to your shopping cart.
  • If you have a discount code, enter it now.
  • Complete your purchase, using a credit card.*
  • A charge will appear on your credit card statement, identified as an eBook Sale.
  • As with all Industrial Press digital products, eBooks cannot be returned; sales are considered complete and final.

Note: If purchasing the Machinery’s Handbook 32 Digital Edition Upgrade at our eBookStore, if you do not already have an active subscription to a previous edition MH eBook in your Industrial Press eBookStore account, you will be required to enter a previous edition MH CD-ROM registration number in order to complete your purchase of the Upgrade edition. If you have questions about your eligibility for the Machinery’s Handbook 32 Digital Edition Upgrade, you can email help@industrialpress.com.

*If corporate or institutional purchasing procedures require an invoice/purchase order, please contact our Customer Service Department at info@industrialpress.com, specifying the title of the eBook, the ISBN given on the eBookStore product page, and the number of eBooks you wish to purchase. Multi-user discounts may apply (please see below).

To redeem an access code for one or more Industrial Press eBooks:

  • Please log into your IP eBookStore account at ebooks.industrialpress.com.
  • Click on the menu item at the top of the eBookStore home marked “Redeem”.
  • Type or copy in your onetime use access code.
  • Click on the right arrow to submit the code.
  • Access codes may be for permanent/unlimited or for limited-time subscriptions (upon expiration, you can email info@industrialpress.com about purchase or renewal).

Viewing and Using Your Industrial Press eBooks

Good news! Once you have purchased your eBooks(s) or redeemed your access code, your eBook will be available in your account anytime you are logged into your account online. For information on offline reading options, please see the “Support” and “How-To” section of the Industrial Press eBookStore website. 

In addition to reading online or offline*, you can:

  • Easily Navigate: In addition to accessing eBooks from your virtual bookshelf, your notes, bookmarks, and highlights become part of your dashboard and quick links.
  • Search: Industrial Press eBooks are searchable.
  • Customize: You can highlight text on screen, bookmark pages, or add notes throughout your eBook.*
  • Print: Print a limited number of pages (customers who want hard copes of more than a few selected pages should purchase a print version of a title—many customers buy both eBook and print).*

*Note that offline reading, printing, and personal notations apply to individual subscriptions; these features may not be applicable to multi-user/institutional accounts. For more on single-user versions multi-user setups, see below.

Video demonstration: To watch an on-screen demonstration showing how to log into your Industrial Press eBookStore account and then to open, navigate, and read your subscribed Industrial Press eBooks online, click here.

Single-User versus Multi-User eBooks and Options

When you purchase an eBook or redeem an access code for an eBook, you gain the right to read the purchased content online, as well as offline, using our provided compatible reader.

By default, as with most software sold today, Industrial Press eBook subscriptions are single-user versions, unless specified otherwise. This means that you can download our provided proprietary reader and your encrypted eBooks for your own non-simultaneous access on several devices. However, you cannot share or distribute content in any form without prior written permission from Industrial Press.

Access codes versus site license with logins: Multi-user eBook subscriptions can be set up in various ways to suit your needs:

  1. Multiple redeemable access codes (one for each user)
  2. One login and password for multiple users
  3. Multiple logins and passwords
  4. Setup for some number of users per your computer system IP address (extra setup fees may apply).

Term of subscriptions: Redeemable access codes purchased for individual subscribers (for example, for students in a single class or term to keep afterwards) usually (but not always) do not expire. However, for some products (such as the Machinery’s Handbook), access codes or site licenses for single or multiple users may require an additional renewal/upgrade purchases to subscribe to the newest edition. Please discuss applicable terms/time frame with your IP representative.

Discounts on Multi-user eBook subscriptions: Multi-user packages are available, with discounts varying based on the products and number of eBooks purchased, to qualifying retail customers (not to resellers). The multi-user pricing outlined at left applies to qualifying purchases of the primary products (such as the MH32 Digital Edition as sold here and on the Industrial Press eBookStore). These standard discounts do not apply to upgrade or combination packages, or when using any other discounts or special offers, and cannot be applied directly online. However, if your group has more than one previous edition MH digital products, we suggest you contact us for applicable group pricing.

For more than 100 users: Contact Industrial Press at info@industrialpress.com and ask to speak to a sales representative.

Educational, government, or military institutions: Note that different pricing may apply, and a higher discount than shown above may apply to smaller groups. For information on applicable discounting for such institutions, again, please contact Industrial Press at info@industrialpress.com and ask to speak to a sales representative.

For further information on Industrial Press multi-user eBook subscription and other package pricing and options, send an email to info@industrialpress.com with the details of your organization, the number of users/copies and digital and/or print products you are interested in, and your contact information.

For more information on setup options and other technical issues related to Industrial Press eBooks, whether single-user or multi-user, you can email our in-house digital products manager at help@industrialpress.com. We will do our best to get back to you within a few business days and thank you in advance for your patience.