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1/19: Focus on Maintenance and Reliability: RCM3 and Reliability Excellence

In 2019, Industrial Press will continue to provide cutting-edge authoritative resources for maintenance and reliability professionals. This issue focuses on two such books—RCM3: Risk-Based Reliability Centered Maintenance and The Reliability Excellence Workbook.  Each practical resource, written by a leading industry professional, offers valuable and critical information to help you achieve M&R success. Learn more about these books from the “Q&As” with our experts.

4/18: Focus on Licensing and Certification: Plumbing and Welding CWI

In 2018, Industrial Press introduced a new line of Study Guides, designed to help readers pass critical exams in their fields. Getting certified can lead to a higher position at work, an increase in salary, a way to round out a resume, or to apply for a different job.

This issue focuses on two Study Guides, Plumbing Licensing Study Guide  and 1,001 Questions & Answers for the CWI Exam. Each guide will effectively get students and apprentices up to speed to help them ace their licensing and certification exams. learn more about these books from the “Q&As” with our experts.

12/17: Focus on Design and Print Reading: AutoDESK Revit, Blueprint Reading, and More

This issue focuses on Autodesk® Revit Basics Training Manual and the long-awaited fourth edition of Hammer’s Blueprint Reading Basics. Each text/reference will effectively get students and professionals up to speed with clear explanations, numerous examples, and tons of visuals. 

Revit is used for building a realistic model that ALL dis-ciplines—Architects, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineers—can work on the same project simultane-ously either in-house/office, or on the other side of the world with no downtime.

Warren Hammer’s Blueprint Reading Basics has been a bestselling classic for nearly two decades, revered for its ease of understanding and for giving readers opportunities to practice what they learned. With this historic revision, new author Charles Gillis has updated the entire package.

9/17: Focus on Maintenance and Reliability: Making Changes 

This issue focuses on two practical Maintenance and Reliability references from proven professionals. Each title will get you thinking about your reliability programs and motivate you to make the changes necessary to make your organization run smoother and more efficiently. Learn more about these and related topics from the “Q&As” with our experts.

There are three components that are the root causes of unreliability, and, if eliminated, will lead to reliability:  1. Improper Lubrication; 2. Contamination; 3. Improper Installation. In The Death of ReliabilityDr. Wright goes above the “what” and “why” of reliability found in other resources to offer the “how to” of reliability.

In many companies, especially the large ones, we fail to talk to each other enough to know what needs to change to drive continual improvements and reduce waste.  The “Maintenance Insanity” Cure will guide any size plant or organization to improve how they do maintenance, how to keep their equipment running longer, and create a more efficient and streamlined structure so they can be competitive in today’s market.  The practical solutions offered in this work present the perfect antidote for maintenance insanity.

2-3/17: Focus on 3D Modeling Software: AutoCAD® and Grasshopper

This issue focuses on two types of 3D modeling software, a necessity for anyone designing objects for the three dimensional world we live in.Hitting the market in March will be two practical and user-friendly titles that thoroughly illustrate and explain how to design in a 3D environment. Learn more about these and related topics from the “Q&As” with our experts

The AutoCAD® 3D Modeling Exercise Workbook is designed in the same fashion as the Beginning and Advanced AutoCAD® Exercise Workbooks, and is suitable for classroom instruction or self-study. This Workbook is designed in such a way so that complete beginners to 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) software using AutoCAD can start to create 3D models within minutes. More experienced AutoCAD users who wish to learn the art of 3D modeling will also find this Workbook extremely useful.

With Grasshopper platform, the possiblities are limitless. Users of Grasshopper Visual Scripting for Rhinoceros 3D should walk away with the knowledge  necessary to design virtually anything they can imagine that would come from a systematic design process.   

11-12/16: Focus on Inventory Solutions: Spare Parts and More! 

This issue of the IP Newsletter features interviews with the authors of two ground-breaking titles that offer inventory management solutions for professionals and students preparing for a career in this dynamic field:

Author and maintenance expert Joel Levitt talks about cutting-edge issues in inventory control, and introduces the route to leadership and decision making that is central to his new book Surviving the Spare Parts Crisis: Maintenance Storeroom and Inventory Control.

We also talk with author, business improvement expert, and “global spare parts guru” Phllip Slater about  his new book Spare Parts Inventory Management: A Complete Guide to Sparesology®,  which addresses the topics of spare parts inventory solutions by examining the entire spare parts life cycle and providing the answers needed to achieve the best results in availability and inventory investment. 

7-8/16: Focus on Global Planning: DDMRP and More!

This issue of the IP Newsletter features interviews with the highly respected industry team Carol Ptak and Chad Smith, authors of the definitive book Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DMRP), which is taking the industry by storm. 

Caroline Mondon, author of internationally applauded The Missing Links, talks about this uniqe demand driven supply chain detective novel. Plus, we chat with Mike Sondalini, global consultant and author of Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness.

6/16: Focus on Manufacturing: Machinery’s Handbook, 30th, Plus

This issue heralds the release of the 30th Edition of the Machinery’s Handbook, starting with some history by master editor and writer Chris McCauley, followed by comments by Vukota Boljanovic, MH30 contributor and author of Applied Mathematical and Physical Formulas, 2nd Edition. We interveiw Ken Evans, CNC expert and author of Programming of CNC Machines, 4th Edition, and the accompanying workbook, and Samuel Guccione, co-author with James McKirahan, of the cutting-edge Human Machine Interface: Concepts and Projectsand include information on the new masterwork Programmable Logic Controllers by S.C. Jonathan Lin.

 9/15: Focus on Teaching & Learning 3D Modeling Software

In this issue, you can hear all about the popular SolidWorks Basics: A Project Based Approach and Fred Fulkerson’s fun and effective teaching method, known as Fredumacation. Engineer, co-author, and AutoCAD guru Steve Heather talks about the Beginning and Advanced AutoCAD Exercise Workbooks,  as well as the future of CAD software in 3D design, and we fill you in on IP’s Learning Mastercam series and explore the background of CAD/CAM software.

 5/15: Focus on Women in Metal, Machining, & Manufacturing

Dynaminc author Kristi McCoy talks about teaching welding and the bases of her popular new book The Art of Sculpture Welding.  From With the perspective of a highly sucessful executive,Veronica Messersmith, Vice President of Sales for Sandvik Coromant, discusses why she loves working in this industry. Kerri Olsen, author of the best-selling, Commercial Steel Estimating: A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering the Basics, talks about key challenges, what works, and her comprehensive, invaluable text. Plus we share some surprising factoids about women in the metalworking industries.