Foreign Language Translations

Industrial Press titles are read in English throughout the world. By popular demand, we also are translating some of our best-selling, universally applicable titles into foreign languages for our international readers.

Spanish Language


Industrial Press now offers a Spanish translation of the most concise and authoritative guide available for the installation of PVC gasket-joint pressure and non-pressure pies and fittings, written by the industry’s top experts at the Uni-Bell Pipe Association.

To view our product page for the Contractor’s Guide for Installation of Gasketed PVC Pipe for Water / for Sewer in English, click here.

For the Spanish-language edition Guía del Contratista para Instalación de Tuberías de PVC con Empaque para Agua/ para Alcantarillado, click here.

Shop Reference for Students and Apprentices also is available in the Spanish translation Manual del Taller and may be purchased directly from Industrial Press.

Spanish translations of the following acclaimed books by Carol Ptak and Chad Smith are now available from the Adaptive Systemic Thinking Professional division of Ediciones Piénsalo, which, with the support of Solingraf Ltda, has printed these books in Colombia, South America:

The Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise is available in the Spanish translation La empresa adaptativa Demand Driven.

Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP), Version 2 (for the newer English-language Version 3, click here) is available in the Spanish translation Planeación de requerimientos de Materiales Demand Driven, Versión 2.

Precisely Wrong is available in the Spanish translation Precisamente Equivocado.

To contact Piensale Colombia Ltda, please click here to go to their website and click here to view the products above. For more information, email

Out of Print Notification: Please note that the Spanish-language translation of Blueprint Reading Basics, 3rd Edition (ISBN: 9780831131258) by Warren Hammer, entitled Como Leer Dibujos Industriales (ISBN: 9780831131265) is out of print. There currently is only an English-language version of the new fourth edition, Hammer’s Blueprint Reading Basics, by Charles Gillis and Warren Hammer (ISBN: 9780831136147). However, if you are interested in a number of copies of this new edition in Spanish or another language, please email

Other Translations

Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) also has been translated into French, German, Korean, and Portuguese, with additional languages to come in 2021. For further information on these and other translated versions of Industrial Press titles, again, please email and include in the subject line “Foreign Translation Inquiry.”