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Maintenance Planning, Coordination, & Scheduling

Maintenance Planning, Coordination, & Scheduling

Don Nyman and Joel Levitt


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Maintenance Planning, Coordination, & Scheduling is based on real-world experience. This invaluable guide and reference tells the whole story of maintenance planning from beginning to end in a concise and easy-to-follow manner. Written by well-known professionals this new edition focuses specifically on the preparatory tasks that lead to effective utilization and application of maintenance resources in the interest of the reliability essential to business objectives.


The text examines the job preparation process from job scoping and planning, to determination of material requirements, estimation of labor requirements and job duration, coordination of all involved parties, and job scheduling. And it includes essential metrics for measuring performance of all contributing functions. It is a vital training document for planners, an educational document for those to whom planners are responsible, and a valuable guide for those who interface with the planning and scheduling function and are dependent upon the many contributions of planning and scheduling operational excellence.



  • Expanded coverage of the proactive culture and environment that senior management must nurture throughout the organization, and the essential supportive roles of other functions essential to the preparatory process.
  • A new chapter that enumerates prerequisites to effective Planning, Coordination and Scheduling.
  • The Scheduling chapter has been expanded to include a debate comparing two popular approaches to the scheduling and achievement of Schedule Compliance.
  • The Material Support chapter is significantly expanded.

Don Nyman is a recognized Maintenance/Reliability authority. During his long career as plant engineer, corporate executive, and management consultant, he has been instrumental in helping more than 300 organizations improve operational reliability and effectiveness. His influence and contributions have been further expanded through his popular series of seminars and training courses. Don earned a B.S. from Virginia Military Institute and a M.S. in Industrial Management from Stevens Institute of Technology. He continues to write and still occasionally counsels from his retirement home on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.


Joel Levitt is known worldwide as a leading educator in maintenance management. He has trained more than 17,000 maintenance professionals from thousands of organizations in 25 countries. He has more than 30 years of experience in many facets of maintenance. Since 1980, he has been president of Springfield Resources, a management/consulting firm servicing clients on a wide range of maintenance issues.Levitt is a frequent speaker at maintenance and engineering conferences, has published dozens of articles on the subject, as well as a number of successful books published Industrial Press.


  • What is Planning and Why Plan Maintenance Jobs?
  • Selling, Planning & Scheduling to Management and Operations
  • Understanding the Nature of Maintenance Activities
  • Where Planning Fits Into Good Maintenance Practices
  • Managing the Planning & Scheduling Function
  • Backlog Management
  • Sizing the Maintenance Staff
  • The Planning Process (Micro)
  • Detailed Planning Process
  • Parts and Equipment
  • Estimating, Crew Size & Manpower Requirements
  • Analytical Estimation and Slotting
  • Coordination with Operations. Scheduling Maintenance Work
  • Job Execution and Feedback
  • Job Close Out and Follow Up
  • Planning and Scheduling Metrics
  • Planning Major Maintenance Shutdowns and Management of Projects
  • Management of Projects and Major Maintenance Shutdowns
  • The Job
  • Using CMMIS to Aid Planning and Scheduling
  • Appendix