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Mathematics on all levels is a necessary tool used within all manufacturing and metalworking industries. Industrial Press addresses these needs with numerous references, texts, and guidebooks from trusted and well-known authors and practitioners. From the very basic to the more advanced, you will find everything from shop mathematics to metalcutting formulas to engineering formulas to math for mechanical work to math for computer graphics to engineering mathematics to differential equations to linear algebra and fundamentals of forecasting. 

  1. International System of Units (SI)

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    The International System of Units (SI) by Dr. Isakov provides detailed information on the metric system, its origin, history, and how the base and derived units were established. The book has four chapters (Measurement Systems, the International System of Units, Metrication in the United States, and United States Metric Association), appendices, afterword, and references. The book is aimed towards educating the students of the United States, in textbook form. It may also find an audience with those, who enjoy the popular sciences.

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